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Stingless Bee HIVE TOURS

Going on a Hesaraghatta Bee tour is a Mesmerizing and learning experience unlike any other! Peeping into a hive and noticing the secret life of bees makes for a great date, family outing or individual activity. Click the below buttons to search for and book your tour today.

So pick a tour date and join us in experiencing nature’s most fascinating and indispensable creatures: honeybees.

Tour Includes

  • Welcome drink
  • Beehive Air Inhalation
  • Guided tour of beehives by a specialized beekeeper
  • Liquid Gold tasting, fresh from the hive
  • Commemorative Selfie Photos with Hesaraghatta Bees
  • Witness different types of Bees in Nature -
    • Rock Bee
    • Florea
    • cerana
    • Mellifera
    • Stingless bees
    • Other locally avaiable bees in Hesaraghatta
  • Lunch
  • Live Extraction of Bees from Nature
  • High Tea


  • Tours last 7 hours and will start at 09:30 AM
  • Hive tours are run all round the year, but dependent on weather especially in rainy season.
  • All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver before entering any hives
  • Ages 6 and up welcome!


Tour - Rs 750.00 per person

Book Now

Looking for an exclusive experience for your family or friends? Contact us to reserve a out-of-the-way hive tour


  • Are there age requirements to attend the event?
    • Anyone 6 years of age and above are welcome!
  • What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
    • Once you register we will send out information on available parking close to our meeting location
  • What should I wear to the event?
    • We recommend you wear long pants and closed toed shoes. We will have protective equipment for you to wear during the tour.
  • How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Hesaraghatta Honey Farm One Shop Stop for all your Bee Needs

Bee Tours

Guided tour of beehives by a specialized beekeeper

Bee Keeping Training

After training - you will not just be a Bee Keeper, but you will be a Bee Doctor

Bee Keeprs Market

Bees made and Bee Keepers Hand picked Bee products for sale

Startup Business

Easy to Lanunch

Your Business

Prego Match

Fashion Brand

The Insidage

Light Carpet

Amazing Keyboard

Know More About Us

We are Beekeepers from Hesaraghatta situated in the north-west of Bengaluru in Karnataka state, India. Journey of beekeeping started as we are fond of honey. As we knew and more about bees, the interest in bee turned into passion. The awareness that - it’s not just Honey but Pollen, Propolis, Wax, etc, each and everything produced by Bees are blessing to mankind. It was then that these little creatures captured our hearts.

Now our passion has extended towards more research on bees, bee behavior and on medicinal values of bee products.

It’s our turn to introduce the humble Bees to you all.

About Hesaraghatta

Hesaraghatta, the land on the Lake is natural and unspoiled with lots of lush meadows, full of wild flowers and herbs, raised bog areas covered with purple heather and bog cotton, a large proportion of the mountain is now an area of conservation. The mix of farming land and rugged mountain give us a great range of flora.

The Hesaraghatta fresh water lake was man made century back across the Arkavathy River to meet the drinking water needs.

The combination of the fantastic landscape and flora gives our honey a unique and pure flavour. Our honey is 100% raw, single filtered and unpasteurized it retains all of the pollen’s, antibacterial and medicinal properties 100% pot of gold

Meet with our Team We love Bee Keeping

Puneeth Kadiwal




Sripadaraj Murali


Bee Keeping Training We Train with Passion

The Science of Bees ---
  • Why Bees are best
  • Variety of Bees
  • The Anatomy of Bee
  • How Bees Reproduce
  • The Honey Bee Lifecycle
  • A Process of Pollination
  • Secrets of Honeycomb
  • Bees And Pheromones
  • Other Honey Products
  • Ten Favorite Honey Recipes
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The Life of Bees ----
  • The Role of the Drone
  • The Role of the Queen
  • The Role of the Worker
  • In and Out The Hive
  • How Bees Use Senses
  • How Bees Make Honey
  • How Bees Forage
  • Sticking with Propolis
  • The Honey Flow
  • Why Bees Swarm
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About Bee Keeping ----
  • Basic Equipment for Beekeepers
  • Life Inside the Honey Bee Hive
  • Urban Beekeeping
  • Coping With Bee Stings
  • Harvesting liquid gold
  • Food during dearth
  • Raising Your Own Queens
  • Inspecting the Hive
  • Anticipating and Preventing Potential Problems
  • Diseases, Pests and Remedies
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Contact Details

Farm #01, 1st cross, Hesaraghatta-560088

+(91) 99800-52099

+(91) 99800-52099